Statutory Late Fees & Compensation

Under the Commercial Late Payments Act 2013 any commercial Invoice paid beyond agreed terms can incur statutory late fees which include Compensation, Interest and reasonable administrative charges. This penalty can be backdated up to 6 years per invoice!
Using Invoicey, unlocked any trapped equity that you have in your business invoices.

Statutory Late Fees

So if you have any sales Invoices which were paid late then we can help you release otherwise trapped equity in late paid Invoices.
Using Invoicey, you can calculate whether you're entitle to statutory compensation from your late paid invoices, dating back 6 years!

Invoice Compensation

Each Invoice carries a minimum statutory £40 compensation fee and increases depending on the Invoice amount. So if you have multiple late paid Invoices you could be sitting on a nice pot of vital cash.
Using Invoicey, you can upload your business invoices and our fully automated system will chase these for any late fees and compensation that is owed to you, should you wish.

No Hidden Charges

There are no hidden charges or costs either and you keep 100% of the compensation. Simply upload any late paid Invoice and create a free account and see how much you could be entitled to.

The Invoicey Timeline

All you, as the user, have to do is create your FREE account, upload invoices you wish to chase for late fees & compensation and Invoicey will automically retreive money owed to you!
Your invoices may have locked equity in them, from late fees and compensation. Increase your companies cash flow by releasing this locked equity using Invoicey's automated invoice chasing software.

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